Welcome to the Siuslaw Watershed Council !

The Siuslaw Watershed Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides an opportunity for local people to plan and participate in the restoration of their watershed.

Watershed councils are volunteer driven organizations that develop and participate in community efforts to restore and protect watershed health, water quality and native fish populations. Every council is unique, and each council reflects the interests and land ownership patterns in their watershed. Councils are not governmental organizations and are not regulatory.

Anyone can participate in the Council! We help landowners fund and carry out protection and restoration efforts on their land. We form partnerships with industries and agencies to implement important research and restoration efforts. We provide educational opportunities for the Council and the community. If you are interested in watershed health, get involved! COUNCIL MEMBERS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

To learn more about the SWC follow the links below:

January SWC General Meeting
• Nominations and Elections for the 2015 SWC Leadership Body and Board of Directors
• Quantifying Mountain Stream Sediment Transport and Hydraulics (In other words: Trying to Understanding Wood’s Role in Sediment Transport)—
Jon Sanfilippo (OSU Graduate Student, Water Resources Engineering)
• And More
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Doors Open at 6:00pm
Mapleton Grange
10880 East Mapleton Rd

Due to New Year’s Eve, there will not be a General Meeting at the end of December. We look forward to seeing you in 2015! Best wishes for the New Year!

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If you would like a membership or to make a donation to the SWC, please click here to to go to our Membership and Donation page. You will be able to donate online or download a form to send in to join or donate. Thank you for your interest in the Siuslaw Watershed Council!