Welcome to the Siuslaw Watershed Council !

The Siuslaw Watershed Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides an opportunity for local people to plan and participate in the restoration of their watershed.

Watershed councils are volunteer driven organizations that develop and participate in community efforts to restore and protect watershed health, water quality and native fish populations. Every council is unique, and each council reflects the interests and land ownership patterns in their watershed. Councils are not governmental organizations and are not regulatory.

Anyone can participate in the Council! We help landowners fund and carry out protection and restoration efforts on their land. We form partnerships with industries and agencies to implement important research and restoration efforts. We provide educational opportunities for the Council and the community. If you are interested in watershed health, get involved! COUNCIL MEMBERS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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General Meeting Wednesday, July 26, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Honeyman State Park Meeting Hall (big yurt) at 5543 Canary Rd. Doors open at 6:00 PM

"Coastal Conservation Issues and Strategies – the Land Sea Connection"


paul1Hear about the natural wonders of Oregon’s complex marine food web when Paul Engelmeyer, a respected coastal conservation voice, will speak about efforts to protect forage fish – the prey base for seabirds as well as the unique habitat requirements for the ESA listed Marbled Murrelet. He will be drawing upon his years of experience managing the Ten Mile Creek Sanctuary (located near Yachats) for the Audubon Society of Portland and on his service on Oregon’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC), which has developed a system of marine reserves and protected areas for Oregon’s Coast. 

There will also be Board of Director and Executive Director updates on various SWC projects.

See You There!








If you would like a membership or to make a donation to the SWC, please click here to to go to our Membership and Donation page. You will be able to donate online or download a form to send in to join or donate. Thank you for your interest in the Siuslaw Watershed Council!