Welcome to the Siuslaw Watershed Council !

The Siuslaw Watershed Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides an opportunity for local people to plan and participate in the restoration of their watershed.

Watershed councils are volunteer driven organizations that develop and participate in community efforts to restore and protect watershed health, water quality and native fish populations. Every council is unique, and each council reflects the interests and land ownership patterns in their watershed. Councils are not governmental organizations and are not regulatory.

Anyone can participate in the Council! We help landowners fund and carry out protection and restoration efforts on their land. We form partnerships with industries and agencies to implement important research and restoration efforts. We provide educational opportunities for the Council and the community. If you are interested in watershed health, get involved! COUNCIL MEMBERS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Now Hiring!
Currently accepting applications for Camp Director and Staff for our Summer Camp Program.

  • Introductory Camp: June 27-30
  • Intermediate Camp: July 11-14
  • Advanced Camp: July 18-22

Camp preparation dates and post camp wrap-up dates are still to be determined. We may hire staff positions for specific sessions, dependent upon availability. Job Descriptions are available at the following links:

Camp Director

Camp Staff

To apply, please send a cover letter to the SWC at jobinfo@siuslaw.org.

For more information, email Mizu Burruss at jobinfo@siuslaw.org or call 541-268-3044.


April 2016 SWC General Meeting!
Wednesday, April, 27th
6:30-8:30 PM, doors open at 6:00 PM

Mapleton High School Library
10868 East Mapleton Road
Mapleton, OR 97453

“Understanding Beaver in the Beaver State”

A dual presentation by Oregon State University researchers Dr. Jimmy Taylor and Dr. Mark Needham

  • Positive ecological effects of beavers and their dams
  • Nuisance effects when dam building causes conflicts with humans
  • Recommendations for managing landscapes that include beavers
  • SWC updates, by Dan Carpenter, SWC Executive Director

See you there!


April 15 Update-Trees are still available at SWC office for the 2nd round of the Native Plant Distribution!

Some trees are still available for the 2nd Round of the Native Plant Distribution and include Western red cedar, Douglas-fir and Oregon Ash. Special thanks to BLM and Sevenoaks Nursery for donating 3,350 native trees and shrubs. The second round is first come, first serve (you can stop by anytime/day to pick up), so all the bags/boxes of plants are on the front lawn at our office at the Mapleton High School on 10868 East Mapleton Road (1st building on the right as you enter the parking lot). Each bag is labeled with the common name and kept under a silver tarp to the left of the front door. There are blank receipts in an envelope attached to a clipboard and you will need to sign/date a receipt and put the white original in the "completed forms" envelope. There is also twine to bundle your trees/shrubs and bags to put your plants in.  Please remember to close the bags/boxes, put the tarp back over and the orange pylons on top when you leave so the tarp doesn't blow away and the roots don't dry out. Happy planting!


If you would like a membership or to make a donation to the SWC, please click here to to go to our Membership and Donation page. You will be able to donate online or download a form to send in to join or donate. Thank you for your interest in the Siuslaw Watershed Council!