The Siuslaw Watershed Council secures funding for education, monitoring, and restoration throughout the Siuslaw basin and Coastal Lakes.

Funders Include:
Oregon Water Enhancement Board
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
United States Forest Service (Title II, ARRA, Retained Receipts/Stewardship)
Bureau of Land Management (RAC)
Wild Salmon Center
Western Lane Community Foundation

Donations from landowners, community members, residents, visitors, and businesses help support our programs and are essential to leveraging grant funds. To make a donation or to become a member, click here to download the membership and donation form, and mail it back to the SWC at PO Box 422, Mapleton, OR 97453.

The SWC Exploration Camps are partially funded by eScrip. Your normal shopping can generate donations to help fund this program through eScrip at no cost to you. Check it out by visiting for information and to sign-up.