The Siuslaw Watershed Council facilitates a wide variety of monitoring projects in the basin and the Siuslaw Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program (VWQMP) is one of those projects. Once a month, trained volunteers collect and process surface water samples from sites throughout the watershed. Click to veiw a map of sampling sites.  Additionally, SWC staff deploy and audit continuous temperature, dissolved oxygen or conductivity data loggers from mid-May to mid-October. The data obtained in the Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program (VWQMP) is baseline data. Baseline data helps water quality professionals build an understanding of watershed ecosystem health. Data collected in the VWQMP is not used to locate or penalize polluters. We currently measure the following water quality parameters: clarity; salinity (in the estuary); dissolved oxygen; turbidity; bacteria; temperature; and weather conditions at 12 sites within the Siuslaw Watershed. This project is funded through an Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board monitoring grant with support from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.


Historical graphs are available: Grab sample graphs by site for all years                                                                                     

Graphs from March-December 2013 are available at the following link: 2013 Graphs

Graphs from January-December 2014 are available at the following link: 2014 Graphs.

2014 Continuous temperature graphs for 5 sites are available: here

2014 Final Monitoring Analysis Report: here

2015 Final Monitoring Analysis Report: here

2015 grab sample graphs are available:  here

2015 Continuous temperature graphs for 9 sites are available: here

2017 grab sample graphs are updated monthly and available here: Current_2017_VWQMP_graphs

VWQMP Questions? Email:; or call the office at: (541)268-3044 and ask to talk to the VWQMP coordinator.