Native Plant Distribution

Siuslaw Watershed Council's 20th Annual Plant Giveaway!

Since 2000, the Siuslaw Watershed Council has given away thousands of free native plants every year to riparian landowners throughout the Siuslaw and Coastal Lakes Watersheds to promote water quality, salmon habitat and healthier streams! If you have a creek flowing through your property, or live along one of our scenic lakes, you may be eligible to receive free native plants from the Watershed Council to help support water quality and fish habitat in your own backyard!

River, and lakeside landowners may be eligible to receive free native plants from us this year, free of charge! Native plants growing along streams help reduce erosion, filter nutrients, and keep the water cool for salmon, trout and other aquatic species. Native plants are adapted to specific site conditions; we have some resources available to help you identify which plants will thrive alongside your backyard creek or lake! Siuslaw Watershed Council staff can also help advise you on plant selection and placement. You can download our informational brochure below:


After you've made your choice for what native plants will thrive alongside your creek or lake, please fill out the order form below:


Priority requests are now being taken for the 2019 Native Plant Distribution.

Send us your requests early–supplies are limited. Priority is given to requests received prior to December 15th, although we will accept requests until February 1st. The Distribution date is Saturday, February 9th, 2019.

For more information, please call 541-268-3044, or e-mail

This project is made possible through a grant from the Coast Range Stewardship Fund (USFS) and private individual donations.


alpha-after-160505Helpful links:

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The Native Plant Distribution is made possible by the Siuslaw National Forest through the Coast Range Stewardship Fund, which is administered by Cascade Pacific RC&D, as well as from generous donations from local businesses, organizations and individuals alike: Roseburg Resources Company, Bureau of Land Management, Siuslaw Soil and Water Conservation District, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Balance Restoration Nursery