Siuslaw Watershed Council

Dennis King Joins BOD

Dennis King graduated from Western Oregon State College in 1993 with a B.S. in Elementary Education and later received his Masters in Education/Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Oregon University, and his Initial Administrative License from Portland State University.  He has lived in the Siuslaw watershed for 29 years.  His first teaching job was at Ash Valley, a two room school house, where he taught grade 4-8 students.  After that, he was an elementary school teacher for 22 years with the Siuslaw School District in Florence, Oregon.  During his tenure with Siuslaw, he helped implement the 'Stream-Team' concept into the elementary school where classrooms were taken into the Siuslaw watershed along Whittaker, Knowles, China, and Sweet Creeks to learn about the health of the streams.  In this outdoor lab, students learn about macro invertebrates, water quality, the different fish species, and the riparian zone.  Within the realm of invasive species, his classrooms were instrumental in the improvement of the US Forest Service's Oregon Dunes Day Use, located in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area where they were recognized by the Oregon Invasive Species Council and chosen as the "Invader Crusaders ~ Warriors for the Watershed" recipient for 2015/16 school year, for the removal of Scotch Broom.

Mr. King is married and has two children in college.  His favorite past times include hiking and running trails through the forests, kayaking, and skiing.