Restoring the Siuslaw

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The Siuslaw Watershed has been shaped by change. Managed and stewarded by Siuslaw tribal people for generations and into today, the watershed at one time supported such ecologic proliferation that its salmon run was second only to the Columbia. In the time following white European settlement, streams were straightened, forests logged, and salmon numbers greatly reduced.
Now, the Siuslaw enters another era of change, as partners and community members join together to restore habitat to benefit both fish and people. But amidst this change the Siuslaw River, its tributaries, coastal lakes, and estuary hold great promise for restoring endangered coho salmon.
To tell the stories of a place that holds so much possibility for the coho, we have partnered with Ecotrust to produce two story maps—illustrative story experiences. Take a scroll through Restoring the Siuslaw and look through the layers of our ecosystem, learn more about how critical habitats support coho in their various stages, and the economic benefits of restoration for local communities in return.
How to navigate the story map: Click on the link to travel over to the story map, Use your mouse to scroll downward on the page for new content to appear. To jump to a different section of the story map, see the section titles in the black menu bar at the top of the page.

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Why We Restore – Restoration Films From Our Partners

From stories of what the Siuslaw once was

~ we have a vision of what we can be ~

for our lands and forest, lakes and streams, fish and wildlife,

and for the people of the Siuslaw.

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Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Restoration

Johnny Sundstrom, Siuslaw Institute

Restoring Coho Salmon for Future Generations

Supporting a Vibrant Restoration Economy

Restoring Our Watershed for Species Diversity

Restoring a River Valley with the Siuslaw National Forest

Restoring Stream Connections in the Siuslaw