Siuslaw Watershed Council

Our Team

Our Board

Les moved here in 2007 after working as a safety engineer on the International Space Station in Houston. He grew up on a farm in North Dakota and loves the forests, creeks, and wildlife here and doing his part to restore them.
Vice Chair
Jim Grano came to the Siuslaw Watershed in 1974. Since 1995, he has helped provide stewardship awareness and field-based projects for local youth. He has been on the SWC Board cumulatively over 12 years.
Rodger is a long time veteran of non-profit boards and local government councils, having served as City Manager over the course of a long career.  He has also performed as Chief Financial Officer of two recognized Indian Tribes.  His experiences make him well qualified to serve as Treasurer.
Wendy has been with Florence as a city planner for 18 years. An Oklahoma native, she enjoys sharing the cultural, volunteer, and recreational richness of the Siuslaw with visiting family.
Dave Cramsey is a forester who has been managing timberlands in the basin since 1994. He has served on the Council’s Board of Directors since 2012.
Daii Estes. Margaret Corvi works for her Tribe, Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw, in the Department of Natural Resources. She views cultural and natural resources as interchangeable; they are a reflection of each other and the way we fish, hunt, harvest, celebrate and create.
Kevin moved to the Siltcoos Lake watershed in 1980 and has lived and worked here ever since. He’s served on the Siuslaw Soil and Water Conservation District Board since 1996 and more recently joined the Siuslaw Watershed Council’s board in 2017.
Meg lives and works along 25 miles of Lake Creek and the Siuslaw River, represents the Wilbur Island Wetland Mitigation Bank, and loves kayaking, sailing & gardening.
Dennis King is a retired elementary school teacher who has lived in the Siuslaw watershed for 29 years. His most treasured experiences as a teacher were field trip days spent in the watershed guiding students toward the concept of sustainable stewardship.

Our Staff

Executive Director
Eli is a graduate of the University of Oregon and is passionate about watershed health and community involvement. When he’s not working, he can be found kayaking, running or skiing.
Project Manager
Mizu was raised in the Siuslaw Watershed and, having traveled extensively, thinks the Siuslaw is the best place in the world. She enjoys the opportunity to help steward the Siuslaw’s resources.
Financial Manager
Karen’s background is in banking, human resources, and operations management. She moved to the Siuslaw for the fishing and for it’s beauty. She and her husband Ron have had a home here since 2002.
Program Manager
Kyle is our Programs Manager. He enjoys working with unexpected partners across boundaries to improve the conditions of natural resources, educate the community, and monitor changes in the watershed.
Crew Leader
Jesse is a proud Oregonian who graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in Forestry. He now lives in Coos Bay with his wife, 2 dogs and a cat.

Our Leadership Body

Sub-Basin/Area Representative

Lower Siuslaw: Rodger Bennett

Middle Siuslaw: Megan Gerber, Alternate: Jim Grano

Upper Siuslaw (Including Wolf): Gary Lutman; Alternate: Austin Bloom

Indian Creek: Jess Beers, Alternate: Marilyn Fox

Lake Creek: Gary Hale, Alternate: Stephen Sanders

Deadwood Creek: Nancy Nichols, Alternates: Bill Cirino

Wildcat Creek: Dave Eisler, Alternate: Les Fetter

North Coastal Lakes & Siuslaw Bay: Seth Mead

South Coastal Lakes: Steve Hager

At Large:  Vevie McPherren


Interest Groups & Representative – Elected

Academic/Scientific: Tom Steinberg

Commercial Fishing: open

Federal Land Management: Paul Burns, USFS; Nick Scheidt, BLM

Resource Recreation: Tim Moffett

Public Education: McKenzie Perry, Alternate: Dennis King

Small Woodlot: Dave Rankin, Ivan Ellingson

Soil and Water Conservation District: Kevin Carroll, Alternate: Ray Kinney

Agriculture/Ranching: Johnny Sundstrom, Billy Burruss

Industrial Timber: Dave Cramsey (Roseburg FP), Alternate: Corey Copeland

Environmental: Kate Harnedy, Alternates: Eron King, Justin Workman

State Government: David Waltz, ODEQ

Ecosystem Workforce: Nate Zeller


Interest Group Representatives – Appointed

Tribes CTCLUSI: Margaret Corvi, Alternate: Bryan Gillooly

Port of Siuslaw: Mike Buckwald, Alternate: Craig Brandt

Lane Co. Government: Jay Bozievich

City of Florence: Wendy Farley-Campbell, Alternate: Sandra Young

Technical Team

Our Technical Team meets with staff and project partners to develop restoration projects and research, update other partners on organizational news, discuss monitoring data collection and analysis, and meetings are where we develop or fine tune emerging priorities and future projects. If you're interested in joining our technical team, or in receiving updates and meeting notes, sign up below!

We meet on the first Thursday of the month at 9:30 am.