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Our 2021 Leadership Body

Sub-Basin/Area Landowner Representatives – Elected

Lower Siuslaw: Rodger Bennett; Alternate: Margaret Corvi

Middle Siuslaw: Megan Gerber; Alternate: Jim Grano

Upper Siuslaw: Gary Lutman; Alternate: Austin Bloom

North Fork Siuslaw: Noland Huntington

Coastal Lakes - North: Seth Mead; Alternate: Becky Goehring

Coastal Lakes - South: Steve Hager

Deadwood Creek: Nancy Nichols; Alternate: Bill Cirino

Indian Creek: Jesse Beers; Alternate: Marilyn Fox

Lake Creek: Gary Hale

Sweet Creek: Pony Ellingson

Wildcat Creek: Dave Eisler; Alternate: Les Fetter

At Large: Dennis King; Alternate: Vevie McPherren


Interest Group Representatives – Elected

Academic/Scientific: Tom Steinberg

Agriculture/Ranching: Johnny Sundstrom

Commercial Fishing: (vacant)

Ecosystem Workforce: Nate Zeller

Environmental: Kate Harnedy; Alternate: Eron King

Industrial Timber: Jason Colter

Natural Resource Recreation: Tim Moffett

Public Education, K-12: McKenzie Perry; Alternate: Amy Tregoning

Postsecondary Education: Erick Oshel

Small Woodlot: Dave Rankin; Alternate: Rick Ellingson


Gov/Agency/Organization Representatives – Appointed 

Federal Land Management: Paul Burns, USFS; Alternate: Nick Scheidt, BLM

State Government, Oregon: David Waltz, ODEQ

Port of Siuslaw: Mike Buckwald; Alternate: Craig Brandt

County Government, Lane: Jay Bozievich

City Government, Florence: Wendy Farley-Campbell; Alternate: Sandra Young

Soil and Water Conservation District: Kevin Carroll; Alternate: Ray Kinney

Tribes (CTCLUSI): Roselynn Lwenya; Alternate: Bryan Gillooly

Board Meetings

Until further notice, the Siuslaw Watershed Council has established temporary updated procedures for public meetings in order to protect our volunteers, staff and the public.

  • The regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting shall be held via teleconference at its regularly scheduled time on the 2nd Monday of each month at 3:00 pm. If you would like to attend, contact the Council at watershed@siuslaw.org as soon as possible.


Going forward, only meetings that are deemed mandatory based on timelines shall be held. Only Board of Directors meetings will be held at their regularly scheduled time. All other meetings shall be postponed. In order to continue to provide an opportunity for public participation, all public meetings required to be held shall conform to the following updated requirements:

  • Meetings will be held by conference call or other teleconference tools.
  • Parties interested in participating in this manner shall contact the Council or applicable staff at least 24 hours prior to the meeting start time with their topic(s) of discussion, name, address, and phone number they will be calling from.
  • Requests can be made to watershed@siuslaw.org or via phone message to the Council or applicable staff and meeting access information will be provided.
  • During the meeting, to ensure the meeting is understandable, all speakers shall identify themselves prior to speaking, and shall do so prior to making or seconding motions.
  • All votes shall occur via roll call vote.


For questions on this policy, specific requirements, or how to participate in a public meeting, or for other questions, please contact the Council Office at 541-268-3044 or via email at watershed@siuslaw.org.

Technical Team

Our Technical Team meets with staff and project partners to develop restoration projects and research, update other partners on organizational news, and discuss monitoring data collection and analysis. These meetings are where we develop or fine tune emerging priorities and future projects. If you're interested in joining our technical team, or in receiving updates and meeting notes, sign up below!

We meet quarterly on the first Thursday of the first month of the quarter (January, April, July, September) at 9:30 am.