On the Rocks!

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Rocky Ocean Habitats & King Tides

Join the Siuslaw Watershed Council on Wednesday, January 29th at the Siuslaw Public Library from 5:30-8:00 pm. We will be holding our annual elections for our leadership body in addition to our scheduled speakers. Our leadership body is a group of representatives from our watershed and from interest groups who volunteer their time to help outreach efforts and engage in decision making for the Siuslaw Watershed Council. We will be discussing our new strategy at the event!

Life on the Rocks: Oregon's Rocky Ocean Habitats

Come learn about the importance of Oregon's rocky ocean ecosystems, unique habitat adaptations of the fascinating organisms that live there, and historical protections for these areas. Dive deep as we explore some of the most important habitats from tidepools to rocky reefs and offshore islands. You will also learn about Oregon's current process to update the state's special rocky habitat policies and designations, during which the public will have the opportunity to make proposals and recommendations for special management areas like the marine gardens.

Charlie Plybon is Oregon Policy Manager for Surfrider Foundation and Chair of the working group responsible for drafting the update on behalf of Oregon's Ocean Policy Advisory Council.

CoastWatch/King Tides

CoastWatch Volunteer Coordinator Jesse Jones will discuss CoastWatch and citizen science opportunities, particularly the King Tides Project (final round for this winter coming up Feb. 8-10).

In addition, Briana Goodwin of Surfrider will show aerial photos of the north coast during a previous king tide.

Rocky Habitat Resources/Links

The Rocky Habitat Storymap https://geo.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=74d5b07bc0a44a85aa6f010d1203d533

The Rocky Habitat State OPAC process page - all resources linked here and follow public process - https://www.oregonocean.info/index.php/tsp-rocky-shores-amendment

Surfrider Oregon's overview/perspective:  A general summary of the process and links to some helpful resources here - https://oregon.surfrider.org/protecting-oregons-tidepools-and-rocky-ocean-habitats/